After it’s all said and done…

Wow, it has already been a week since I have been home from my five weeks of internships! Words can’t describe the feelings that I have towards my internships with Optima Graphics and Duo Displays. I thank them for giving me the opportunity of a life time that has forever changed me. I will never be the same again after the past five weeks of being by myself in completely different environments to be working and also exploring the surrounding areas. The challenges that I faced and the obstacles that I overcame has given me a fresh outlook on my abilities as a designer and as a person. I don’t know who could be given the same opportunities and not be completely changed and inspired to keep designing after everything I just experienced. I will always carry those lessons and experiences with me for the rest of my life!

Thank you for everyone who has been following me on my design internship journey and I hope you were entertained and also inspired to follow your dreams and never stop pushing yourself to experience new things. Always keep pushing your boundaries to become the best you that you can possibly be.

All my best,


Internship progress

Working as a design intern at the Duo office has been both challenging and rewarding at the same time. But I am really progressing each day with communication (speaking French and teaching English) Learning first hand experience on the European exhibiting experiences that are used daily within and outside the workplace and also and how they host clients within the company and handle client meetings is all very different then the states. Everything is very hospitable and they do everything they can to make the client feel welcome and comfortable, I really enjoy this disposition in treating everyone so kindly and respectfully.
I am currently wrapping up presentations and finishing designs for all of my American H-line stands to be used as examples for the American exhibiting market everything includes price listings, parts and cut lists also with renderings of the set up and color coding of profiles for the consumer to easily set-up and take down the booth very easily and in a timely manner.

H-line is a really impressive turn key modular line which is very consumer friendly and also was designed to meet the needs and wants of and effective booth at an affordable price. Based in the U.S this can be very expensive when all of the numbers add up at the even of a show starting from shipping, drayage, booth space, set-up, take down (not counting numerous of other things). This new line will really cut the costs of labor time, and also targets first time (or frequent) exhibitors who want to have a full visual modular display system for less! Also H-line is fully recyclable! !

I am very proud of my accomplishments and also very excited to attend the launching of H-line with the Duo team in Paris a week from today!

From across the pond,


Launch of H-Line

Today is the European launch date for Duo Display new product H-line. It has been extremely busy around here the past few days in getting ready for todays big event. Dealers from all over France are being invited to Duo to celebrate and discuss the newest product. I will provide more details coming soon on what the difference of Panoramic and H-Line, it is my job to provide different booth designs for ten industries for the launch when it comes to America and help H-Line be a success in the United States.
I will share with you what I have completed, hope you enjoy.71

My first week in France!

Hello family, friends and fellow blog followers.

I have been in France for only five days now and I can say that I am in love with the south of France! I am enjoying staying in Montpellier very much with another employee at Duo where I am interning and she is a wonderful person! Duo is a really impressive company that is much smaller than Optima in St. Louis, MO where I just was interning. Duo is located in Lansargues, France (a very small village) about 30 kilometers away from Montpellier. I am interning with Duo and my jobs here are….

  1. Working with Duo in launching their recently launched H-line in Panoramic in the USA which was just launched in Europe.
  2. Working with Duo on brochure and set-up instructions and make sure they answer expectations of US exhibitors and exhibit houses.
  3. Working with the functionalities required by the US exhibitors for their tradeshow.
  4. Design ten panoramic H-line for the US market for ten different industries

There is much more along with my internship like international design, sales and marketing but I wanted to list more specifics.


Bonjour from France!

Bonjour everyone!

After my very hectic international traveling experience due to my flight being diverted on my way to Montreal and being held at the Buffalo airport in New York, the rest of my flights were cut very close for time. Yes, I was that frantic American girl who was running as fast as possible to get through customs and get to my gate not even having 40 minuets from landing to next flight taking off. But I made it to France after a very long 22 hours of traveling!

I am staying on Montpellier with a wonderful lady named Melony, who works at Duo she is young and has been a lot of fun to be staying with and a huge help because she understands and speaks very good English. If you haven’t heard of Montpellier before, you should look it up because it is a very cool place right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

So far my first day at Duo consisted of walking through the facilities and being introduced to everyone. I have been working with their software and learning about the European ways for design and the different standards that they have then American.

I wanted to write a brief review of my first 72 hours in France so far but I’m back to work!

Salut, friends & family!

Optima Graphics review

I can’t believe that my two weeks at Optima Graphics is completed already! Where did all of that time go? Well, all I can say is that I have learned so much more about myself as a person, a growing designer and a young professional in the design industry. My time spent at Optima in St. Louis was amazing, I met so many inspirational people and also have made such great connections with a few of them that I will carry their words of wisdom and guidance with me into my professional life. I was exposed to various positions in the industry that I could possibly see myself falling into and being quite successful at it. I will share a few of my works with you on what I created while I was there. A few of these projects were quick renders for clients to see a 3D version of their ideas, none of these have completed graphics on them because I was not there to see my completed projects go through  finalized production stages. I will be getting photos of them before they get shipped out! I was really happy to also see what it all took to make my winning booth design to become a reality, and what changes were made in details and how they were put into affect for budgeting reasons. And also I was able to create new “hybrid” booths that incorporate three different extrusion families.



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Yesterday I spent the day at Forest Park. At 1,300 acres, Forest Park is one of the largest parks set in an urban environment in the U.S., surpassing New York’s Central Park by 500 acres. The world fair in 1904 was held here at the historic Forest Park, attracting over 20 million people for the Worlds Fair. These days Forest Park has 12 million yearly visitors. On this park you will find, two golf courses,  a Boeing aviation field, a cricket field, the St. Louis zoo, the worlds fair pavilion, the Muny (a historic outdoor theater), the Jewelbox (a huge and gorgeous green house from the 1900’s), McDonnel Planetarium, and the world class Art Museum.I could spend three-four days walking around this park and seeing everything like I want to, but I was only able to see two of those things, the historic art museum and the Worlds Fair pavilion to attend this years African Arts festival. I really enjoyed my time spent that the AAF. There were numerous of people there selling anything from hand crafted jewelery, hand woven fabrics, natural oils, and hand carved animals. Outside of the pavilion you will find only the best food ever anything all across the continent of African, I had Jamaican and Egyptian food with hand squeezed lemonade to quench my thirst from the heat and long hours on my feet, all way to delicious for my own good. The grounds were so beautifully kept, I ate my packed lunch right in front of the museum (before I went to AAF festival) during my lunch I watched a proposal and a wedding happen in close range from where I was sitting. It was a beautiful day and I was so happy to have experienced those moments and also see a big piece of history from the 1920’s Worlds Fair

Forest Park

A day at the St. Louis arch

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Yesterday I went with the Optima marketing and sales team to the St. Louis Arch to do a marketing video outside of the arch and at the Westward Expansion museum (an exhibit under the arch on the Louis & Clark expedition from start to finish). Approximately twenty years ago Optima produced large format graphics for the museum that were produced for a wall with returns (a wall with “steps”). From one angle the graphics are seamless and created a full image wrapping around a large curved wall, so when you approach the graphics the inside return walls also have graphics in detail on the animals from the different environments that they were countering on their expedition. After filming all of the areas for the video Chris, Ross and I went to the top of the St. Louis arch and that was another experience in itself. Because it is the 50th anniversary of the arch coming up Optima wanted to film some one of their local success stories and expand on that to reach out to current and new clients about their well established company and how their company has impacted the approximate 4 million visitors a year! It was a really fun time with the team because a lot of elementary and middle schools were there for field trips and thought that we were a news team, Chris who was in the video talking about Optima was asked for her autograph a few times by kids and we had a good laugh at that. On the way up to the top of the arch, the “elevators” up to the top are basically little egg pods that five people are supposed to fit into them but when you have three really tall guys inside of those things it becomes a little cram. It takes four minuets to get to the top and three to get to the bottom.

Laumeier Scupture Park

Once I arrived on Sunday after dropping my bags off at the hotel, I was told that the Laumeier sculpture garden was not even a mile away from where I was staying. A little bit of background on the sculpture garden.


In 1968, Mrs. Matilda Laumeier bequeathed the first 72 acres of the future Laumeier Sculpture Park, together with a large story-and-a-half house of cut stone, to the people of St. Louis County in memory of her husband, Henry H. Laumeier, for the benefit of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. In 1975, the park was proposed as a possible site for the exhibition of sculpture and the concept of Laumeier Sculpture Park emerged. Catapulted by a collaborative of citizen leaders in the arts, education and business communities, Laumeier Sculpture Park, 501(c)3, was incorporated in September 1977; over the years it has grown to 105-acres. Laumeier Sculpture Park today has over 300,000 visitors annually. They do have current job positions and internship opportunities, I have attached a link if anyone is interested in looking into the Laumeier park.Image

This was a wonderful place of my first experience of St. Louis, enjoy my photos of my favorite pieces!